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I Was Burned Out, Again

Hi, I’m Michelle Kooi, and my heart hurts when I see smart, hard-working women sacrificing their health for success, experiencing burnout and overwhelm, while they try to run their business “the right way.” And despite being busier than ever, she’s chasing shiny objects, and isn’t feeling fulfilled, or having the success she knows she’s capable of. In fact, she’s tired. Maybe having health issues.

She wants to be heard and seen, but isn’t, or is afraid to speak up or be visible, maybe feeling like an imposter

She is ready for things to change, but what? How?

She’s tired of having to say yes when she means no, and no when she wants to say yes.

She’s craving alignment, freedom, fun and fulfillment. Even adventure. She wants to live more authentically, enthusiastically, intentionally, spiritually, and energetically.

That was me.

So I left a job and business that wasn’t aligned with my values.

And started a new one that is.

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroid disorder, brought on by stress, too much work and not enough fun, and being told to be quiet when I felt called to speak up. I also didn’t know that I had ADHD, until a couple years later.

Now I am coaching women small business owners how to take back their life, make decisions more authentically, find more fulfillment and success in their work and more fun in and outside of it, and truly reconnect with themselves.

I am also writing a book on women’s empowerment and resilience, and how we as women MUST use our gifts, speak up AND be heard, and harness our superpower of intuition.

I believe must stand up for things we believe in and for those who can’t stand up for themselves. We can instill our values in our business, and put our business and money in our values.

I believe in being authentic and transparent, so here’s more about me.  

  • Intuition is my superpower
  •  I am an empath and a visionary
  •  Nature is my happy place
  • I am a lover of books, yoga and horses
  • Some of my values are authenticity, freedom, health, learning, adventure and connection
  •  I love music festivals and concerts
  • I believe food is medicine, and love to cook tasty AND healthy food.  They are not mutually exclusive.
  • I am a Mom of two grown kids and one grandog
  • My archetypes are Explorer, Sage and Magician
  • My sign is Cancer
  • My numerology is 33
  • I am a recovering perfectionist
  • I was a Dead Head in college
  • I am claircognizant and clairsentient.  Sometimes I just know things and sometimes I just feel them.
  • I started snow skiing at age 7, water skiing at 10, started yoga at 32, trail running at 46, rock climbing at 52 and kayaking at 54.  I still enjoy them all!
  • I also love mountain biking, river rafting, paddleboarding, hiking, camping and Archery
  • I meditate daily, unless I miss a day.  Or a week. 
  • I collect feathers, heart rocks and recipes
  • I have a few spirit guides, and a spirit animal 
  • I am both right and left brained
  • I live, love and adventure with my life partner, Jimbo, in Durango, Colorado and wherever our adventures take us

  I’d love to get to know more about you!  Book your free consult below.

me of my values are adventure, freedom, authenticity, fun, and learning

I have a knack for seeing patterns others don’t and connecting dots of seemingly unrelated situations or ideas that to me are clear as day

Headshot of Michelle

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