Change it Up: End of Quarter Ritual

Some things don’t change, like the fact that the only constant in life IS change! Oh, the irony.  


And right now, as Bob Dylan would say, “Times they are a changin.”  I can feel it; you can feel it. 


The topic of change has been showing up in conversations I’ve been having lately across the board, and often with an element of fear, uncertainty, and scattered energy.  Feeling almost out of our bodies.  Feeling out of control – our time, our schedules, our emotions, even our money.  It’s a lot. 


Let’s just take a breath, right now.  Inhale, exhale.  Again, inhale, exhale. 


It’s officially Spring, and with Spring, comes change.  While we welcome more light, warmer weather, and budding flowers, it comes with some ups and downs, and sideways.   There’s some unpredictability, and wildly changing weather, often on the same day. The windy weather can be unsettling, making us feel untethered, like we are flying in the wind.  As we look around, or in the news, or even our own desk, we might see chaos.  We might see disorganization in our office, or dysfunction in an organization we are connected to.  We might see that our lofty goals from the new year have already faded.  


These last couple weeks, do you feel pulled in many directions, like the wind is swirling around you, and you’re just trying to remain standing? Are there decisions to make and they seem difficult, because no matter what you choose, you feel like you are disappointing someone else, or even yourself?


Have you let any boundaries you may have set slide?  


Have you let your self-care routine (if you had one) fall off the wagon?


Have you been sick, or tired, or just sick and tired?


Spring reminds us that it’s time to let go.  What have you been holding on to, gripping even, that you need to let go of, to make space for the new?


As the first quarter of 2024 comes to a close, let’s take a moment to slow down, reflect, and reset.  Let’s be intentional with how we end these first three months of the year, honoring where we are, what we accomplished, and what’s changed.  


I invite you to create a quarterly ritual for yourself and your business (or career), and give it some space and thought and attention.  Here’s what that might look like.


  • Schedule a couple hours where you won’t be interrupted. Turn off your phone.
  • Brew a cup of tea
  • Light a candle
  • Grab a comfortable seat
  • Take a few deep breaths
  • Ask yourself some questions
    • How am I, right now?
    • What is something you are proud of about yourself over these last 3 months?
    • What went well?
    • What was challenging and why?
    • What were my biggest wins?
    • What might I want to do differently in the next quarter?
    • What do I want to celebrate, and how am I going to do that?
  • Do your metrics for the quarter
    • Review your financials if you are a business owner; if you haven’t prepared them yet, do them now (categorizing, reconciling, printing financial reports)
    • Don’t know what your metrics are or should be? Think about that.  What do you want to know about your marketing efforts, new clients, projects? identity some metrics to track and review each month, and each quarter’s end
    • If you want to understand this part of your business and/or personal metrics and financials, reach out or schedule some time to chat with me. 
  • Consider doing something special for yourself (and your team if you are a team of more than one!) It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, or expensive, but maybe something fun, or creative, or relaxing
  • Thinking forward, set an intention for the next quarter.  If you set one at the beginning of the year, recommit to that. If you didn’t, set one now.  This is about how you want to feel moving through the quarter.  What’s your word or phrase?  Calm? Focused?  Lit up?  Whatever it is, set it, but don’t forget it. 
  • Set your goals for the next quarter.  Then break them down by month, with each month having a theme.  
  • Then as you work through each month, break each month down by week, listing your top priorities for that week.  And as you plan your week, be sure to include actions that support your priorities for that week. 


Let’s take spring cleaning to a whole new level this year, and expand it into our businesses, making space for what we are creating and what we want, and being intentional and strategic about that.  It’s the season of renewal.  And it starts with reflecting. 


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