Many Hats, Many Perspectives

Many Hats, Many Perspectives


As small business owners, we wear many hats.  We go from sales to customer service, to tech specialist, to marketing maven and money manager, and of course, deliverer of services. And sometimes we switch between these roles at dizzying speeds.


Sometimes we are too busy to explore ideas and options, can get stuck in our ways, or apply ways that used to work somewhere else but aren’t really working here.  We get bogged down in the details, the chaos of shifting priorities, a never-ending to-do list, and feeling like we aren’t getting anywhere.  Or are we?


Play with me here as we try on some different hats, and look through a new lens. 


Put on a cowboy hat, and look at your business like a wrangler.  What might you see or do differently? You are resourceful, strong, and resilient.  You are gritty.  You get up early, and you go to bed early after a hard day’s work. How can you set yourself up for tomorrow today? You can’t be everywhere at once on the ranch.  Each area gets focus, 100% focus, at different times.  Multi tasking is not happening.  As a result, you get more done in less time.  You see what resources you need that you don’t have.  You collaborate with neighbors (your network), and help each other out.  You have fences (boundaries) that keep things in, and keep things out.  You have different equipment you use for different activities, and some can be used in different ways.  But you had to make an investment in that equipment – it wasn’t free.  With it, you save time, and money, and get the job done.  What else do you see from this perspective?


Now let’s take off the cowboy hat, and put on a crown.  You are queen of your world. What does the queen want? The queen quickly sees something that just isn’t working.  She wastes no time in getting help, instead of trying to DIY it all.  She’s no expert in (fill in the blank), so she outsources and gets help.  She notices that what she wears makes a difference in how she is perceived, and how she feels about herself.  She is still the queen, whether she is in sweat pants, or a formal gown, but she feels, well, more queen-like when she “dresses for success.”  She feels more confident, decisive, and ready for business.  She doesn’t put things off because she doesn’t feel like it, and she doesn’t half-ass anything.  She takes pride in her queendom, and likes it to be tidy, organized, and running smoothly.  What do you see in your business wearing the crown?


From crown to clown.  One letter makes a big difference! From this perspective, a silly clown, what are you taking too seriously?  How could you make some of your tasks more fun? Involve others? Put on some music? Sit outside on your laptop? Meet your client at the park instead of a coffee shop?  You are relaxed, and relishing in the joy, and looking at things with the curiosity of a child.  Questioning, exploring, delighted. You aren’t worried, and you have a smile on your face. From this place, what seems important, and what seems trivial?  What can you laugh at or lighten?  What tasks feel heaving and what feels light, and how does looking at it that way change your priorities or approach?


Lastly, let’s take the clown mask off, and put on a bike helmet, and just for fun, some bike shorts.  Are you on a road bike, a mountain bike, a townie, an E-bike or a unicycle?  What color is it?  Are you going fast or slow? Are you riding with others in a group or solo?  What do you see when you look around? What’s the weather like? As a biker, you are alert.  You are constantly looking at the path ahead, and where you are going, not where you’ve been.  You may have a map, or a route you are taking.  Maybe you have been on it before, or maybe it’s a new trail.   What are you enjoying about this ride (in your business)?  What makes you want to get off the bike, or turn around?  When you are just cruising and not having to pedal, what is happening, and where did the momentum come from? If you need to put on the brakes, you can, or you can pedal harder, or change gears.  What changes might you make in your business to create more momentum, more ease, or something else? Do you need a mechanic to make some adjustments to your bike, or does it need a tune-up?  Do you need a tune up?

Have you been training or are you off-the-couch? What other insights might you have wearing this bike helmet for your business?


You can take off the bike helmet, the clown mask, the crown and the cowboy hat.  But don’t put them away.  Looking at your business, a particular problem or situation, or just stepping into a different perspective can lead to new insights, new ideas, and shifts in your approach, or how you feel.  Mixing it up can help us get out of our own way, and maybe see a new way.  


You are making progress.  But have you lost sight of your big vision because you feel sucked into the vortex of every day?   You are versatile, bright, driven, are passionate about your work, work incredibly hard, and have gifts to serve your community.  Let’s not burn out.  Take a little time to explore your business world with some different hats, and see what happens.  You may not be pulling a rabbit out of your hat, but you sure might solve a problem, create something new, or improve a process.  It’s not a hat trick, it’s a reframe and a reset.  Giddy up!

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