Slow Is the New Fast

In the blender of our days, we whirl from here to there, and there to here, never slowing down to realize there might be another way. Rushing around, moving fast, missing the signs, missing the point.  What if you just paused, just for a few moments, to be still, to just be.  What would be possible?

Taking a few moments to connect with ourselves intentionally, quietly, and slowly, creates space. In that space, our breath can deepen, our heart rate can lower, our minds can calm, and our bodies can speak to us.  What is yours saying? What does it need? What do you need?

This space also allows us to hear and receive answers from the universe. Our job is pay attention, which means being aware, perceptive, and paying attention to synchronicity, signs, patterns, emotions (ours and others), and tapping into your intuition.  Your intuition can show up in many ways; only you know how and where that is for you.  Having this awareness of how it shows up for you, brings you closer to connecting with it, and tapping into it.  However to know, we must first be.

Yes, we have so much to DO.  But did you know that if you take time to BE, the doing will be easier? Ideas will come, efficiencies will make themselves clear, you will be more grounded and present, giving you full access to yourself, your brain, your gut, your gifts, your skills, and your energy.  

So you want to go faster, be more productive, get more done?  Slow the hell down.  Connect with yourself.  Feel into your heart, your gut, your body.  Your next steps will be clearer, your mind will be calmer, your precious energy will be conserved, and whatever you are creating or doing will be even better. 

Aligned Business Discovery Call

How would you like to talk one on one with a female small business expert who is also an intuitive coach, and a CPA? One who understands your struggles with focus, time, confidence, energy and overwhelm? One who knows you want to have a better relationship with your money AND you want to grow your business in a way that feels authentic, and honors your values of freedom and health?

Well, now you can! I have a limited number of spots each week to do just that. I love connecting with women business owners, hearing their stories, their struggles and their vision, and helping map out a way to get there.

With my Aligned Business Discovery Call, you have the chance to work with me one on one, absolutely free.

Because I hold these calls personally, there are only a few spots available, so if you’re serious about getting unstuck in your business and would like my guidance and support, please book your call in the calendar app provided.

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